Working Safe Around Heavy Equipment

There is no shortage of heavy machine equipment on construction sites and inside warehouses. It’s crucial to know how to keep yourself and others around you safe around heavy equipment. Knowing what your limits are and what the guidelines of the job at hand are essential to be successful.  By following these tips, it could easily be the first step to lead you on the road to success.

Be Alert.

Always be mindful of your surroundings, whether you’re operating the equipment or a bystander. Know where the machines are navigating to and from, so you can steer clear of that area. While operating heavy machinery, one must focus and listen closely to instructions that are given to you by your supervisor.

Make yourself visible.

No matter what, always wear your high visibility safety vest. Your safety vest is bright in color and also is reflective, the sole purpose is to make sure that everyone knows you are there  and can adjust their actions accordingly. Being visible to others is very important, especially while working around heavy machinery. While someone is operating a bulldozer, for example, operators need to be able to see bystanders easily to avoid any hazardous debris from hitting anyone.

Climb on and off properly.

Falls are the most common cause of injuries, and the easiest to prevent. Always be sure to never carelessly climb down or up. Never jump on or off the equipment. Always firmly grab onto handles or rails while entering or exiting the equipment and watch your step. Never try climbing on the equipment while it’s in motion! Also be cautious when machine is wet and slippery. If possible, try to dry the steps prior to climbing in or out.

By following these three simple steps, it can improve your productivity and sky rocket your safety awareness. Knowing how to avoid careless mistakes and accidents makes all of the difference in our industry. Safety is always your number one priority.