Work. Home. Pay. Repeat?

When you go out to work every morning for Results Staffing, what’s the first thing you think of? Do you wonder what your day is going to be like? I’m sure with all this summer heat, you’re wondering what the temperature is going to be outside, but what about repeats? Do you go out every morning thinking about how you can get a repeat on that assignment? Hard work always pays off and nothing is more satisfying then seeing a repeat on your ticket at the end of the day!

Some of you may be wondering what exactly a repeat is. So for those who don’t know, a repeat is when your supervisor for the day asks you to come back for that same job the next day! Isn’t that awesome? A huge benefit of this is that you have a secured job for the next day. You don’t have to sit in the office and wonder what kind of job we’re going to send you to next because you’ll already know! Not to mention a repeat means that your supervisor chose YOU! It means that you left a lasting impression on them and they want you back. I’m sure by now you are reading this and you’re thinking, “That sounds awesome, but how do I make myself stand out from the rest?” Well I’m going to tell you! We’ve talked to your Results Staffing recruiters and they have given us the top 3 things supervisors look for in repeats!

  1. Be Prepared!
    • Supervisors want workers who are dependable. Part of being dependable in your job is coming to the jobsite prepared. Being prepared includes having your boots on and your tools ready. It includes showing up to the jobsite with your P.P.E. already on and not taking time out of your workday to do it when you get there. Being prepared goes a long way with job supervisors. They want to know that they can count on you to be there, and be ready when the job starts.
  2. Attitude is Everything!
    • Displaying a positive attitude while working goes a long way! Even when it’s hot and your sweaty, staying positive shows your supervisor that you will do whatever it takes to get the job done and that you’re no slacker! Supervisors look for people who stay busy and are constantly looking for the next task to complete. It shows them that you have good work ethic and that you care about the job you are doing just as much as they do.
  1. Be Well Groomed and Dressed!
    • Supervisors look for people that are dressed properly and groomed well. Trim up your beard a little bit here and there, and make sure that you are always wearing jeans or pants- that don’t sag! Supervisors don’t want you walking around with one hand holding your pants up when you’re supposed to be hard at work with both hands! Looking prepared shows them that you care about what they think of you. It shows that you are making an effort to do what they want.

Although there are multiple ways in which you can get a repeat, these are the top 3 that will help you get there even faster! Some places even do temp to hire positions! Always remember to put your best foot forward because you never know whose watching and is ready to give you that break you’ve been working so hard for!



About the Author

Morgan Jones is a sophomore accounting student at Western Governors University and plans to graduate in January of 2016. Following her education she wants to pursue a Master’s program in hopes of getting her CPA. She is gaining insight into the business world while learning the ropes of what it takes to be a part of a growing company with Results Staffing.