Winter Tips for the Construction Worker!

As the temperatures are dropping, we have to be cautious when working outside for extended periods of time. Practicing safety strategies will help increase your comfort and safety when out on the field!

  1. Avoid Drinking Coffee: Most people lean towards coffee to stay warm. According to the Commercial Industrial Supply, it states that the caffeine within the coffee increases your heart rate, giving the illusion that you’re warm. But in reality you are not warm at all, it tricks you! Commercial Industrial Supply recommends to steer towards water, it’s always best to stay hydrated, no matter the weather condition!
  1. Invest in Winter Attire: Cold weather goes hand in hand with chilling temperatures! It’s always wise to own a thick coat to insulate your warmth. When working on a construction site your hands are often exposed; it’s recommended to wear a pair of gloves! Cold weather or not, having a good pair of work gloves is always a plus!
  1. Layer up: Finally, you want to layer up! Thermal long johns are most recommended when temperatures are decreasing. However, the more layers isn’t always the best. Be wise when layering up! You want to have insulation, but too many layers can potentially cut blood circulation when bending and moving.