Want a Flexible Workforce?

Temporary staffing is a community of businesses supplying temporary help to other establishments on a contractual basis. The purpose of temporary help services allows the employer to incur labor costs for only the period of time that the services are required. Temporary labor jobs rose by 8,500 in July of 2014 to a total of 2.9 million according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. People want flexible workforces to match their fluctuating busy seasons. The high growth trend started in the 2000’s as companies that were hurt by the recession sought ways to balance increasing product demand with uncertainty about the stability of their work forces.  Temporary staffing has also become more popular in the business communities because the staffing companies are willing to pay for the drug testing and necessary screenings, badging and liability that is needed when hiring new employees that would typically add more expenses to a business.

Staffing companies are employers to all different types of people. Some employ professionals in the fields of IT and Nursing while others like Results Staffing supply a workforce of general laborers, warehouse workers or skilled tradesmen in construction, electrical, plumbing and more. Our temp agency is like none other in that we have multiple divisions and even supply those qualified to work in areas such as school support services and sanitation departments of major cities. According to a study done by Wayne J. Howe more women and young adults are more likely to work in the school division of temporary labor because they are the population with a more hectic schedule. In May of 1985 almost two-thirds of the industry’s workforce were women. As for the general labor jobs more men than women want those particular jobs. Younger workers are also a large part of the temporary workers. In the same study as mentioned previously 1 of 3 temporary help supply service jobs were held by young workers in 1985, compared with 1 of 5 wage and salary jobs in all industries. The study in 1985 seems to illustrate the same type of results a more recent study portrays from 2005. About 53% of temporary help agency workers were women, and nearly half of them were under the age of 35 years. Temporary staffing agencies do it all, and they do it all to make it easier for you, the bigger companies, who don’t want to go through the hiring process for just a few extra helping hands. We understand the headache. Hiring permanent help for just a few days or months of a busy season doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. Staffing companies hire all types and are always needing more talent to apply.

As the summer grows closer the number of individuals applying to work at temporary staffing companies increases greatly. Not only does it get hotter, but students are getting out of school for a break or moving back home. The rainy season has come and is almost gone which means more people are needed for municipality grounds maintenance, construction work and manufacturing. That means more companies need an extra hand, without the extra hassle of the hiring process. As most of us know living in Texas we have the opportunity to experience all four seasons in a span of a weeks’ time, making  temporary staffing companies that much more imperative!


About the Author: Carsyn Frazier is a senior kinesiology student at the University of Texas at Tyler. She plans to graduate in December 2015 with a bachelors of science. Following her graduation she will further her education by going to grad school to study physical therapy. For the last year, Carsyn has been working with Results Staffing to gain professional work experience and has learned that communication is the key to success in staffing!