Top Tools in Construction: Drones

One of the most glamorous tools in construction right now is actually the sophisticated drone. The market for drones is booming and according to Jdsupra, “the worldwide market will rise from $2 billion today to over $10 billion within the next 10 years.”

One obstacle that construction and engineering firms have recently had to overcome with their use of this advanced technology is the FAA’s Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability system (LAANC). Prior to this, to abide FAA regulations it was mandatory for commercial drone operators to manually obtain authorization to fly in controlled airspace. With LAANCE, more companies are now able to use drones to restructure the construction industry-progressing into the future by completing jobs quicker, safer and at a lesser cost.

These devices are ever evolving and becoming powerful tools in construction. Drones are primarily used for their ability to map the construction site and reporting changes. Some other advantages they hold on jobsites are surveying land, improving time management -which results in cutting cost, advancing security, offer accurate real-time surveillance, deliver proficiency in communication-due to the ability to collect immediate data, and increase safety on the jobsite.

Using drones on your jobsite can also benefit your company’s marketing and sales. By capturing images of projects that are still a work in progress or finished, companies can integrate these depictions into their website, social media outlets, or other marketing materials. Pictures captured by drones can also give another viewpoint to clients when submitting proposals. This also eliminates hiring an aerial photo company to shoot the finished project.

As mentioned earlier, drones improve time management, security, and communication. Remember watching film of your games in high school? This footage allowed the opportunity to see where you made mistakes, and analyze how you can improve. Droves can offer the same concept. This is a benefit because it allows you to see how projects are being set up and ran. With this technology project management becomes escalated.

The market for drones is steadily climbing and doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon. With many cost, safety, and management benefits to their use in construction, it is easy to see why more and more companies are jumping on board.




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