Tired of Bad Customer Service?

“I’m always being put on hold….I always get a machine when I call….Their employees seem so put out by me talking to them about my issues….They are always late with  delivery.” Do these statements sound familiar? They are pretty common complaints made by customers across different industries. 86% of customers stop using a company because of a bad experience. Most customers state that they stop using a company because they are rude and not able to get the job done right, or in a timely manner. Bad customer service not only costs the company their customers, but also costs them money. When a company loses 1 customer it costs up to 7 times more to gain 1 new customer as opposed to keeping a loyal customer who is worth 10 times more. Therefore it pays to be kind, and get the job done.

Results Staffing aims to keep their customers loyal, as well as gain new ones in hopes that they will stay with us for as long as they need temporary staffing. Customers have said that they are willing to pay more for better customer service, because better customer service calls for better workers getting the job done right. Keep in mind that companies only hear from about 4% of their dissatisfied customers. Results Staffing wants to hear from our unhappy customers 100% of the time so that we can do what it takes to fix the issues and keep them from reoccurring. Now obviously, because we are dealing with the human element by providing you a workforce solution there will always be room for error or dissatisfaction. Simply put- people can be unpredictable. Unlike purchasing a product like a pair of shoes from a company, we can’t always control unforeseen circumstances that happen in people’s lives, thus preventing them from performing a job. However, we can control how we respond to it.

Good customer service should not be a bonus. It should be demanded and expected by the consumer. Results Staffing takes the time to make sure that each customer has had their needs met, if it weren’t for our customers our doors wouldn’t have stayed open this long. We aim to please. We want our customers to keep their expectations high and our staff members on their toes when servicing them. At Results Staffing customer service is something that we pride ourselves on. Help us stay up to par by providing your feedback about our services!


About the Author: Carsyn Frazier is a senior kinesiology student at the University of Texas at Tyler. She plans to graduate in December 2015 with a bachelors of science. Following her graduation she will further her education by going to grad school to study physical therapy. For the last year, Carsyn has been working with Results Staffing to gain professional work experience and has learned that communication is the key to success in staffing!