Thanks to the Ones Who Make it Happen!

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” Said John F. Kennedy. Just because we’ve had some of the same customers for years doesn’t mean that they will always stay our customers. Our customers much like us work very hard to keep their business expanding and growing to make more money. They too move from a small business to a big business. At Results Staffing we aim to keep our customers happy and keep them wanting to come back. Customer appreciation is a big factor in our customer satisfaction policy. Every now and then saying thank you helps to show customers that they are appreciated. We live in such a fast paced “gotta have it now,” technology based society full of emotionless emails, text messages, and faxes; writing a hand written thank you letter could get companies so much further just by simply showing gratification and meaning it.

Taking the time to sit down think about what to say and legibly write it in one’s own hand writing means so much more than a ding in your email inbox with an automated thank you email. I mean who doesn’t love getting mail in their mail box that isn’t a bill? Seeing my name on something in the mail makes me feel like a big kid who just got a present. At Results Staffing our Account Managers personally write their thank you cards, and most if not all of them hand deliver them to their customers. Hand delivered mail also has a way of making someone’s day. Plus you get to see the reaction on their face which makes taking the time to write the card worth so much more!

Another way to say thank you is to take a customer out to lunch or cater for anyone willing to attend and spend a little personal time with your customers. Get to know them and their business, learn what they do on a daily basis and take the time to make sure that they feel valued and that their business is just as important to you as it is to them. Food is the best way to get to know someone. It makes for good conversation and long lasting relationships.  When taking a customer out to lunch you get a less formal, but more personal side to them which opens up more opportunities to learn more about them personally as well as their company. Quality time is worth the time. So money spent to build and cater the lunch is a small price to pay. At results staffing we truly appreciate our customers and all that they do which is why we host mixers, cater lunches and write sweet hand written thank yous to express our gratitude.


Thanks to the ones who make it happen!

About the Author: Carsyn Frazier is a senior kinesiology student at the University of Texas at Tyler. She plans to graduate in December 2015 with a bachelors of science. Following her graduation she will further her education by going to grad school to study physical therapy. For the last year, Carsyn has been working with Results Staffing to gain professional work experience and has learned that communication is the key to success in staffing!