Super Hero VS. Contractors

Contractors are a lot like superheroes. While the job of a superhero is to keep danger away, contractors make sure our day to day life is safe by making sure everything is built the right way. Superheroes are always in threat, just like contractors. While superheroes are dodging things their enemies throw at them and protecting their identity, contractors are one of the most dangerous professions around! Typically, 24.5 injuries of every 1,000 workers occur. Contractors are your everyday heroes! Not only do they implement one of our Results Staffing’s values by keeping it super safe, but they employ and create opportunities for people in our communities. That’s incredible!



Madison recently joined the marketing department in May 2018. She joins us with over 5 years experience in the service industry. Her degree in communications and her keen eye for details, will help her hit the ground running here in the marketing department. Welcome to the team Madison!