Staying Safe During Inclement Weather

Stay Safe during Inclement Weather

It seems like Texas has been  bombarded with heavy rain and flooding this season, specifically in the south east region. While this might’ve affected you before, after or even during work, you need to know what you can do to ensure your safety on and off the job-site.

First and foremost, in serious cases of rain do not risk driving out, heavy rain leads to flooding. If you catch the rain before heading out to work, evaluate how serious the rain is. In some cases, the rain is just a temporary drizzle. However on the opposite side of the spectrum, the rain can be very heavy and has the potential of becoming extremely dangerous. Tune in to your local radio stations, news broadcasts and weather channels to double check if it’s safe for you to make a trip to work. Outside your home it may not look bad, but a couple miles out it could get disastrous.

If you’ve ever been caught in the rain while on a job site, you know how difficult and inconvenient it can be. You need to be cautious and follow each and every instruction that is given to you. Mother Nature can be extremely unpredictable, but there are measures you can take to overcome the obstacles that are unleashed during inclement weather. For starters, always dress appropriately for the weather. Pulling out those non-slip boots can really make a difference in preventing any potential injuries. Make sure you can be seen, always wear your high visibility vest especially around vehicles and heavy machinery. When it begins to rain, our first reaction is to move as quickly as possible to get into a dry areas. However, because rain makes everything slippery, you should do the opposite and move slowly and cautiously. Doing so prevents potential slips, falls, scrapes along with other reckless injuries.

It’s time to clock out and it starts pouring rain outside, what do you do? Evaluate the situation! It’s always a wise idea to check your local news broadcasts prior to making a gut decision, especially when it involves your safety.  Always be sure to drive mindful of the weather conditions.

Although it’s discouraged to be out in inclement weather, sometimes you get caught while you’re already out and about! By following these tips, you can better secure your safety in the least desirable weather conditions. Accident prevention should always be your number one intention.