Results Staffing Safety Questions and Answers

At Results Staffing, temporary employee safety is a top priority. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our General Labor and Skilled labor workforce and we are actively working on ensuring high quality safety standards. In an interview with Kharen Davis, Safety Coordinator at Results Staffing, she explains common safety concerns and solutions here at Results Staffing:

Q. What are some of our biggest current safety concerns?

Right now, we are dealing with mostly sprains and strains of the hands. We haven’t been having a lot of injuries because our Risk Manager has been advocating using gloves. We recently got a new kind of glove called Memphis Flex Plus that tightens around the wrist and offers advanced palm protection with thicker coating on the palm. The last hand safety incident we had was where a worker was wearing gloves, but was still cut so we invested in more advanced gloves. We spend a lot of time advocating hand safety because the majority of injuries we’ve had have been hand injuries with cuts or partial amputations. General hand safety is important. We have a lot of workers that work with machines and we have had mishaps before, but overall we do not have many concerns. We also recently got new safety vests that snap off to prevent being caught on things as they work.

Q. Do you have any suggestions for what our employees can do to mitigate their hand injuries?

Often times, workers do not look at their hands when operating machinery. Paying attention to your hands is crucial. We also encourage the workers to get the necessary certifications and training to operate the machinery. Often times, the worker is not certified, but the client wants to train them and they wind up getting injured during training. We encourage the workers to report their safety issues to our staff. Workers are usually very forthcoming with their safety concerns, but we have not been receiving many reports recently which is a good thing.

Q. What is your biggest safety recommendation for our workers?

My biggest recommendation is for workers to pay attention. Most injuries are caused by workers being distracted because they aren’t focused on what they’re doing and may not take safety precautions seriously. Often times, people are surprised with the injury, but they wouldn’t be if they weren’t distracted. Workers should watch what they’re doing. If workers get distracted, I recommend that they stop and refocus so they can prevent injury.

Q. What is Results Staffing doing to minimize hand injuries?

Our Risk Manager is very good about keeping in constant contact with the client at the job site and also talking to the workers. He also drives around ensuring the workers have the necessary PPE including gloves, googles, hard hats and more. He is in constant communication with the recruiters as well so he is first to hear about safety issues from them when they are reported. Once a situation has been reported, he takes quick action to resolve the issue with the client by scheduling a meeting or checking up on the job site to ensure maximum safety for all parties. It’s really been quiet because a lot of the guys are working safely.

Results Staffing is committed to top-tier safety. We encourage workers to wear the necessary PPE and follow all safety precautions. Click here to read a one of our articles on basic safety precautions. Accidents happen but they can be minimized when workers do their part to ensure their own safety at all times. Workers are encouraged to talk to staff about their safety concerns. For any safety concerns, please contact Temporary Employee Relations by email at

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