Results Staffing Agencies in Dallas: Tell the Secrets to Flu Prevention

With the holiday season upon us, there is nothing scarier than getting the pre cold sniffles, wondering if this is going to be the year you or your crew get the flu. If you or anyone on your staff does, don’t worry! Results Staffing, Inc has agencies all over Dallas, Arlington, and Houston to help with your temp labor needs should someone call in on short notice. In addition, we have the top-rated secrets to prevent you from getting sick! Share them with your team and don’t forget to call us when you need help.

1. Keep your personal items to yourself. Flu viruses can survive on surfaces for 24 hours, according to the National Health Service. That leaves plenty of time for germs to spread among family members and colleagues. To avoid any germ swapping, keep your personal items separate. Personal items could be, but are not limited to toothbrushes, towels, and utensils. Wash any contaminated items in hot, soapy water. When there is a virus going around, opt for disposable cups, utensils, and towels. Be sure to ask the staffing agencies in Dallas and other heavily populated areas such as Arlington, and Houston if they cover this important tip during regular PPE & Safety discussions. Preferably prior to doing business with them!

2. Get enough Zzzzzzs. Getting enough restful sleep is extremely important to maintain optimal health. Several studies have shown adults who sleep a minimum of 8 hours, showed an increase in resistance ability to fight off virus and infection. We know for those in the light industrial and construction industries, this can be tough to accomplish. Especially if you have a middle of the night concrete pour scheduled. None the less, don’t skip this tip, make it a priority! When we surveyed the Temporary Employees of our Results Staffing Agencies in Dallas we found they slept on average of just 6 hours a night. The reasons they provided were due to family obligations after work or early morning requirements they are held to on site prior to starting their shift. Double check your policies to see how you can help your crew get enough sleep.

3. Skip your nightcap.  Some may say having a drink or two before going to bed helps them sleep. This is false. Alcohol compromises the quality of your sleep and disrupts your sleep cycle. If you refer to tip number two above, sleep is vital to stay healthy and not get sick. Doing anything to interfere with getting much-needed rest is a no brainer; keep your eyes on the prize.

4.  Get a move on. Exercising regularly can keep you healthy and boost your immune system, which helps fight the flu. Taking a 30 min walk three times a week can make all the difference. Keeping a regular exercise routine accelerates the circulation of white blood cells. Their job is to help your body fight off the common cold and any other illnesses like the flu that we try to avoid at all costs. Close by Results Staffing’s agencies in Dallas is the ever so popular Katy Trail. It’s about 3.5 miles long and can be utilized for activities such as jogging and biking. In nearly every major city you can find similar trails.

5. Eat more garlic. Eating garlic not only keeps the Vampires away, but it will also keep the cold and flu at bay as well. Garlic is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants boost immunity and fight inflammation. Will the garlic make your breath unbearable? Yes, it may, but we have a fix for that as well! Try aged garlic extract instead. It is odor-free and has more superfood components than regular garlic!

The secret to staying healthy is not as simple as following a few steps. Healthy living is a lifestyle. By implementing small changes like the tips above you are taking steps in the right direction to a new way of life. At Results Staffing, we value people and integrity across all of our agency locations in Dallas, Arlington, and Garland. Ensuring you can work each day to put food on the table or buy that Disney princess costume for your daughter on Halloween, is part of our goals each day. So, we ask for you to do your part, by keeping these tips in mind in your work and personal life. Keep your body healthy, in turn potentially keeping those pesky flu viruses at bay. We are in this together!