No-Shows in Staffing

What does a no-show really mean for the staffing industry? For many people their first thought is not showing up to work, but my first thought goes back to the recruiting phases of a staffing agency. You hire recruiters, and they work, work, work to get employees through the doors, applications filled out, and talent matched with the right job. They constantly call to find people to go to a job assignment, but the return often does not reflect the amount of work put into finding that person. For every 4 people a recruiter gets to say yes to an assignment, you can count on 1 to show up.  Why does this happen?

Many environmental and internal factors play into how many people you can get through your doors. Just like any other business, in a staffing agency, you rely on the temporary employees to “have reliable transportation, remain healthy, leave their personal troubles at the door and be willing to work for lower paying jobs,” says Vanessa Sarmientos, Brand & Compliance Manager at Results Staffing. One of the main reasons staffing agencies receive no-shows is because of the amount of money they are paying for a job. Minimum wage is not something that many people want to work for, even though they lack the skill set to earn much more. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? It’s better to take the job, earn the experience and move up by building their skill set, but there are always those who disagree. These aren’t the only reasons no-shows occur. Other staffing agencies are always trying to recruit your candidates as well. A worker could be heading out to a job, receive a call offering more money or what they consider better work and never show up to your assignment! By his or her decision to “no-show” to the assignment you recruited him or her for it takes them out of the pool for any future job assignments with your company. In turn this makes your recruiting pool smaller. With all of the variables and constant competition, you can see how no-shows are easy to come by, but what you can’t see is the toll it takes on the business. The dissatisfied customers and lack of trust being built between recruiter and candidate can be detrimental to the business. It has a negative impact on company culture and reputation. These struggles are real within the staffing industry.

Here at Result Staffing, we feel that by actively trying to keep our candidates at their happiest we can minimize the risk of “no-shows”. We offer them plenty of jobs spread throughout 4 specialized divisions in the light industrial, construction and warehouse industries. With daily and weekly pay, Results Staffing is an advocate for the average working man, or woman, and strives to help them reach their goals. By strategically placing each of our offices on a local bus route, we have enabled them to not only find work, but to have transportation as well. Some of the companies we work with offer temporary to permanent positions; they allow our employees to learn skilled trades that can help them with jobs in the future. Results Staffing is all about helping people find their potential and pave the way to a better future for themselves.

If you’re looking for work or need help finding qualified talent for your next project call us today! 1-844-264-4008.