Is Silence Really Golden?

We all have those people throughout the company we work for who just don’t quite understand what the meaning of working quietly in their office means and it’s even worse when they are forced to work out in the main lobby with everyone else. Most of the time we find these particular people to be annoying and always find them slacking and unable to get their work finished during the week in the office. However, these particular people may have a method to their madness without them even realizing it. We are told that communication is always the key to a good business, and what is communication without silence? Silence is one of the most important yet confusing parts to communicating in general much less the work place, but why? Silence has so many different meanings, and gives off many different vibes that it’s hard to interpret what means what. We associate silence with shyness, anger, sadness, and a plethora of other emotions, signs and symptoms. However, silence in an office can be destructive, making small issues bigger. It causes people to act much differently than they normally would.

For those of us who have played sports I’m sure you have all heard the saying about when a coach is constantly on your case? “When I’m on your case and constantly nagging consider it a good thing because when I begin to stop talking to you it means that I no longer care.” Well, I personally like to think that, that the work place isn’t much different from that concept of thinking. Just because people aren’t using their words to say something doesn’t mean that they aren’t sending a strong message. Much like the coach of a sports team, or for when the particular chatter box of the office suddenly falls silent for example. Silence is one of the strongest communication messages we can send. For example if there is one man working in an office full of women and he walks into a completely silent office and no one is talking to anyone, he will easily take the hint that they are unhappy. Here at results staffing we know that communication is key and we aim to keep our customers loyal and happy! We never want our customers to fall silent, without our acknowledgement. We make it a priority in our office to reach out to those companies that haven’t used in a while, and do our best to reconnect and get their accounts active again. It is “Better to break the silence, then to let the silence break you.”


About the Author: Carsyn Frazier is a senior kinesiology student at the University of Texas at Tyler. She plans to graduate in December 2015 with a bachelors of science. Following her graduation she will further her education by going to grad school to study physical therapy. For the last year, Carsyn has been working with Results Staffing to gain professional work experience and has learned that communication is the key to success in staffing!