How To Protect Your Employees From Heat Stress

Summer is here and the hot months are all just ahead. Most blue-collar workers are familiar with working in the heat but it is always good to reiterate to ensure good habits and safer work environments. Knowing the importance of safety and being aware of dangers that come with being out in the heat for long periods of time is key.

  1. Train your employees ahead of time about dangers and things that can happen if they overheat. KNOW THE SYMPTOMS. There are many training materials and information from OSHA. Any sign of symptoms should not be taken lightly and should be reported right away!
  2. All employees are not the same and each one reacts differently to the heat. Ease them in gradually when they start working because they can adjust at different speeds. Employees who take medications, like for diabetes or any chronic disease should be monitored more closely in the beginning.
  3. Make sure that the employees drink plenty of water. Water should be provided for them to be able to take a drink  approximately every 15-30 minutes. Being dehydrated can lead to many heat related illnesses.
  4. Also, give them more frequent breaks. That way they can rest and be more at ease when working. If the working area is not shaded, breaks should be taken in a shaded area.
  5. The warehouse or facility they are working at, should be properly ventilated and aired out. Ceiling fans and working air conditioning should be provided to keep the place comfortable for the employees at all times.

Keep your employees safe and away from the heat during the summer months. The above tips should be followed in order to protect your employees from the heat. Be cautious and aware at all times!