How to Have a Good Day at Work

These tweaks to your everyday behavior will virtually guarantee you a day that’s not just enjoyable, but will also allow you to get more done than you ever thought possible.

Get up early – For many people, the first 20 minutes of their day is the most stressful, reducing their energy for the rest of the day. If you could get up just one hour early, allowing you to take things slow, it could impact your day significantly. Aim to leave the house half an hour early to reduce early morning stress.

Don’t skip breakfast. Have a hearty bowl of cereal with milk. Skipping breakfast (or any other meals) does not lead to weight loss, but some assume that to be true. Don’t eat a slimming cereal though – have oats with real raspberries instead. Fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals, which help keep the body functioning at its optimal level.

Organize your day. The first hour of the work day is the best time to assess priorities and to focus on what you absolutely need to accomplish, says career and workplace expert, Michael Kerr. Don’t get sucked into clearing your inbox first thing in the morning, when there is probably more pertinent items to deal with.

Taking your lunch outdoors. Weather permitting, eat your meal in a green space, like a courtyard or park. Exposure to nature not only helps relieve stress and boost happiness, but it can also make you more productive. In fact, a University of Michigan study finds that spending time in natural spaces improves memory and attention span by 20%.

Design your work day to include more positive emotions
To thrive you need at least three positive emotions for each negative. Sometimes the negative is unavoidable, but we can focus on increasing our positive emotions. List what gives you positive emotions. Find ways to incorporate more of them into your life. Gratitude, acts of kindness and being compassionate are all free and boost your positive emotions.

Before you leave You might not have checked off everything on your to-do list (or anything, for that matter), but it doesn’t mean your day wasn’t productive. That’s because often, the tasks we end up devoting time to weren’t even on the list in the first place, like filling in for an absent co-worker or handling an unexpected client request. “More often than not, you’ll have gotten more done than you realize; even though your plans changed, these are tasks you dealt with,” says Dr. Stacy Kim, PhD, certified career and life coach. So instead of the to-do list, make a got-done list- and head home feeling accomplished and productive. Hey, you’re never too old for a gold star on a job well done.

Results Staffing strives to provide a positive atmosphere by incorporating our core values into every interaction. The passion we have for making a difference in our communities by providing hope, support and opportunities to work resonates deeply with every staff member you engage with. We know how important it is to have a great day at work and hope these tips lead to a more productive and satisfying day for you.




After being a valuable part of the Results Staffing sales team, Corina found her passion was in marketing. She joined our team in July 2017 with a background in customer service and has already become an asset to our department. She recognizes that with her sales knowledge, great attitude and unwavering determination she is able to represent our brand with companies and job seekers alike.