How To Ace Your Job Interview In The Construction Field!


It can be somewhat stressful searching for a job and the construction industry is no exception. The number one reason why workers are unsuccessful in job interviews are because they are almost always under prepared. With that being said the first goal to have prior to going to the interview is to be sure to prepare thoroughly for your interview. The individual that will be giving the interview will definitely be able to notice. Here are some tips on how to land a job in the construction industry.

Write Your Resume According To The Industry.

The most common mistake people make when creating their resumes is they use the same type of resume for every job they apply for. However the best step to take is look at the job description and posting and read through it completely. You then want to tailor your resume to state which of the skills that they are asking about fit your own and highlight them. It will never hurt to make your resume stand out from the rest by focusing on yourself by showing your strengths and also how you can benefit from being hired.

Be Prepared For Questions From The Interviewer.

Be ready to answer questions about your work history, any gaps in employment, awards and education. Having this information memorized will help you answer the questions quickly, confidently and cunningly.

Also, in almost all the interviews you will be asked about your strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to know these very well because this is something that will keep you from getting hired.

Getting nervous is part of the process, so here are some tips on how to answer these questions at your next interview:

  • Be professional but also show your personality.
  • Pinpoint certain situations where you solved problems, where you used creativity as well as teamwork to accomplish your goals.
  • Give examples of your work. For example, instead of saying you’ve been in the industry for 10 years tell a few stories and be sure to always be truthful.

Dress to Impress.

What you wear to an interview is very important. Dress professionally not casually. The interviewer will notice how your confidence shines because you feel great in what you are wearing.

For women, do not wear mini-skirts or really open-chest blouses. For men, do not wear tennis shoes, jeans or t-shirts. Be mindful of what you put on for the interview, first impressions do last a while.

If you follow these guidelines you’ll be able to ace that interview as soon as you walk in the door. It’s all about preparation and perception. Don’t forget to always do your research on the company as well! Knowing the mission and history of the company will help you hit the ground running!