Helping Employees with Transportation

Is having reliable transportation keeping you from making an honest day’s pay? If you are like many Texans, you may find this pertinent to you. Many residents don’t have access to their own cars which makes it difficult for them to work. Looking at Dallas, a city with a population well over 1 million, many would think public transportation would be something people would look into because chances are you’re near some form of it.  According to a study done by Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program, “Nearly 70 percent of large metropolitan residents live in neighborhoods with access to transit service of some kind.” Dallas currently ranks 16th in public transit with Houston at 17th right behind it according to USA Today. With so many public transit routes to choose from, the job possibilities are endless.

“Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) moves more than 200,000 passengers per day…” according to With routes that lead to the heart of Dallas, Garland, and Fort Worth, there are options available for everyone. Bus fares run at $2.50 per bus trip, $5.00 for an entire day, and $80.00 for an entire month. With low cost for transportation, it is an ideal way to commute. You can find all information about bus fares and routes at

Throughout the years, Results Staffing has taken one of the most given reasons for not having a steady job and addressed it, thereby giving employees hope for their future. Each office location in the DFW and Houston metropolis is strategically located on public bus and rail routes, (DART and METRO), making it easier for employees with no transportation to get to work. We understand that the working man or woman may not have everything they need in order to be successful, so we created a way to help close the gap in transportation needs. By doing so, it has enabled us to consistently meet the needs of our clients.