Heat Stress

As we roll into summer in Texas the excitement is rising, but so is the temperature. It might feel great outside when you’re in a pool, but you can’t earn a paycheck there! We’re here to explain how to be safe in the heat.

  1. WATER, WATER, WATER!: We know you’ve heard this a million times. That’s because there’s nothing more important when working hard in the sun than staying well hydrated. Did you know sweating is your body’s version of temperature control? However, if you sweat enough, you will become dehydrated and can overheat. By drinking water in small amounts frequently heat related illness can be prevented.
  1. OUTSMART THE SUN: Take frequent breaks, especially if you aren’t used to working in such temperatures. Allow your body to get used to the conditions before trying to spend 8 hours straight in them. Wear light colored clothing, dark colors absorb more sunlight and can raise your temperature. Lastly, try to plan the hardest, most demanding, work during the coolest part of the day.
  1. KNOW THE SIGNS OF HEAT ILLNESS: Signs of heat illness can include: confusion, loss of coordination, hot dry skin or uncontrollable sweating, severe headache, and even seizures. By watching out for these signs on the job site you can help make sure the person in need gets medical attention right away. Stay alert, safety first!


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