Final Clean- Let us Sweep You Off Your Feet!

Did you know Results Staffing can not only provide General and Skilled Labor, but we also have a Final Clean Division? How neat is that! Our Final Clean division has experience in various areas of business from medical to municipalities, restaurants to retail. Our scope of service ranges from a rough, final, and even powder puff cleans.  What is the difference in these different service types you ask… ask no further let us help fill in the blanks!

Powder Puff Cleans or touch up cleans. The crew will clean the entire facility. This encompasses cleaning the interiors windows, countertops, the bathrooms, and the kitchen if there is one of the projects. Think of this as how you maintain the upkeep of your home.

Rough Cleans. I promise nothing gets damaged in this rough process! Rough Cleans are conducted before a subcontractor, such as painters, carpenters, and carpet installers, coming in to do their work. Generally, it’s sweeping, very light mopping, and dusting down all flat surfaces. This include the walls most of the time. This process can also contain the removal of any light dust or debris inside the building as well.

Final Cleans. This is where we like to make things vibrant and really go above and beyond! Our Final Clean service cleans the walls, the ceiling, the windows, sweeping, mopping, and even scrubbing the floors. If our customers request it, we will also prep and wax the floors. We will do whatever is in our power to get your project to sparkle!

Results Staffing is here to help you with all your projects big or small! For the results you demand, trust the team at Results to handle any phase of your project.


Madison recently joined the marketing department in May 2018. She joins us with over 5 years experience in the service industry. Her degree in communications and her keen eye for details will help her hit the ground running here in the marketing department. Welcome to the team Madison!