Combating the COVID-19

Results Staffing, Inc. understands businesses play a key role in protecting employees’ health and safety. We want you to know we take this matter seriously. As a company, we are taking proactive measures within our organization to promote safe, healthful working conditions for all employees, customers, and vendors. We plan on a continued, open line of communication and shared information regarding the virus and our approach to prevent the spread of it.

There are great resources at the CDC, NIH, FEMA and other websites that can provide the most current business practices. Through these updates and with the information they provide we will educate our staff and temporary employees. The precautions listed below are a few ways Results Staffing, Inc. is taking action during this time.

  • We have uploaded resources through our channels of communication with the appropriate messages.
  • We are sending out updates to both internal and external employees twice a week for now.  This message is about their well -being and safety. We will include resources.
  • We have set-up a cross-functional Task Force who are responsible for drafting a practical Business Disruption Plan. This group and the Executive Leadership Team gets a daily update from the sites.
  • We have a separate channel of communication for our Management team to keep them educated, informed, and calm.  These messages are different from the employees.
  • Safe hygiene posters are up in all of our facilities, in all of the common areas with supplies checked 3 times a day.
  • All PPE is checked and sanitized 3 times a day.
  • We are asking both our internal and external employees to reschedule their travel plans if possible. If it is not possible to reschedule, we are asking them to please inform us if they plan on traveling outside of the country.
  • We are utilizing our Healthcare Provider (Essential Staff Care) to provide us with educational materials and information that we can share with our associates.  They offer telemedicine options for our employees.

This is a dynamic and fluid changing situation that requires a dedicated person to monitor the progress until the government understands the scope and severity. Please contact us directly if there is anything additional that we can do for you.