Closed for the Holidays

We have made it to yet another year-end. Many contractors shut down their site over the holidays to give themselves and staff time to spend with their family and loved ones, allowing them to get away from the chaos at work. However, before everyone leaves the site and runs off to celebrate, there are a few preparations that need to be made to leave the job with a peaceful state of mind.

Results Staffing has put a list together of a few things to consider completing before taking off for the holiday are:

  • Critical tasks are completed– Make sure the site is weather tight, equipment is secured so it won’t set the project back further from the completion date, and ensure that concrete has been poured to allow it sufficient time for curing. This way work can resume and not incur additional costs when everyone returns.
  • Submitting Invoices– It is vital to make sure payments have been received in your absence even if it means making an early submission.
  • Utility bills paid– Nothing would be worse than returning to work from the holiday’s to discover that the water or power has been shut off. Having to correct this error will only cause a delay in progress.
  • Security– Make sure you have security set in place while everyone is gone for this holiday. It will make you feel more secure, allowing you to relax and truly enjoy your time with family.
  • Dates are known– It is necessary for staff, clients and suppliers to know when the site will be shut down and reopened. This way everyone can make arrangements for their holiday. Important items like project deadlines are known and deliveries aren’t made in your absence.
  • Essential operations upheld– Make sure things such as water pumps that keep water removed from sites are actively maintained and barricades or traffic signs are reinforced to promote safety.
  • Project Personnel-Emergency contacts are available and aware of timelines during this time is crucial.
  • Suppliers- Knowing when your suppliers return to work from the holidays helps organize for deliveries to happen before you close so you have adequate supplies in stock until regular deliveries can resume.

In conclusion, preparing properly before leaving the site for a holiday ensures returning without crisis.


Madison recently joined the marketing department in May 2018. She joins us with over 5 years experience in the service industry. Her degree in communications and her keen eye for details will help her hit the ground running here in the marketing department. Welcome to the team Madison!