Build your project, not a home for the flu!

Well if you haven’t heard it from me, I guarantee you’ve heard it from family or on the news. It’s flu season again. Hundreds of deaths are attributed to the flu every year. If you work in an office or have a child in daycare, chances are you’re going to be exposed. However, small, confined, spaces aren’t the only places viruses can thrive. People working outdoors are at risk as well. Be sure to heed these tips:

  1. GET VACCINATED. While it’s true that the flu vaccine doesn’t prevent all forms of the flu, any action you can take to decrease your chance of contracting the deadly virus is worth it.
  2. STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK. No one likes missing work, it means missing out on money and can hurt your project. However, once the flu starts going around your job site it’s a domino effect; one team after another fall behind. This has a much greater effect on your project than a few people being out sick.
  3. WASH YOUR HANDS. This can be tricky on a job site with no running water. The next best thing is alcohol based hand sanitizer. Grab a travel bottle to keep in your pocket; If you come into contact with any viruses they won’t have a chance to latch on to you.
  4. KEEP YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM YOUR FACE. If you’re carrying germs, chances are they’re on your hands. We all subconsciously touch our eyes, mouth, and nose not considering that these are all open portals for germs to get inside and destroy our health.
  5. The construction industry has a pretty big leg up on this tip; everything you do in your work day requires physical exertion. Maybe it’ll seem a little more worthwhile when you consider that exercising regularly can reduce your chances of getting sick by 50%! (Source: The British Journal of Sports Medicine)


Ashli Cooper has a background in graphic design and is new to the Marketing Department. She’s hungry to hit the ground running and help Results Staffing develop further. Ashli has a fierce passion for Results Staffing’s mission and values, and hopes to be able to share that passion with our customers and employees. Welcome to the team, Ashli!