Become a Multi-task Master!

More often than not, we find ourselves juggling several tasks at a time. It’s under your discretion to know when to transition to your next tasks, also while giving yourself enough time to complete everything. For some this is a natural ability, however for others it’s something that is learned with practice. As humans, we tend to pick up on things with repetition, here’s 3 tips to put to use!

  1. Take on One Task at a Time. While many people associate multitasking with doing several things at once, that’s not always the case. Multitasking is the act of switching from one task to the next. One thing that comes to mind is texting while driving, it’s known to be one of the biggest dangers of driving. This is because your brain can only focus on one thing, before turning its focus back on the next task.
  1. Prioritize Your Duties. When you have multiple tasks to tackle, you have to know which ones are more urgent than others. You have to decide what you want to get out of the way first as a major task, then move on to other minor tasks. Prioritizing is key to being a star at multitasking!
  2. Make Schedules, Avoid To-Do lists. When you have an on-going list of tasks, it may seem discouraging because of the amount you have to tackle. Rather than making a long list of things to accomplish, schedule it throughout your day! Giving yourself a dead line to complete your duties can encourage you to finish them, sometimes even sooner than you anticipated.