Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

In Texas, according to the NOAA National Climatic Data Center, the temperature averages around 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Texas, Louisiana and Florida are the top three hottest states in the summer and we need to beat the heat! In this industry, you spend the majority of your work day working under the sun and in hot conditions, it’s up to you to stay safe and hydrated in this Texas weather. One thing that is crucial is taking care of your body.

Stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water is one of the best ways to stay safe in hot weather conditions. Always take a water bottle with you when going to work, you’ll be grateful you have it when the sun is shining the most. Avoid drinking your morning coffee, caffeine will cause dehydration. The more you sweat the more important it is to stay hydrated.

Steer away from synthetic fabrics, wear cotton shirts instead! Cotton clothing will keep you cooler than other synthetics. Although wearing proper clothing includes pants and safety vest, If you wear a light weight shirt you can really reduce how hot you get. Wear sunscreen if you can, there’s no harm in putting a bit of sunscreen to protect your skin as well.  Healthy skin helps your body maintain moisture and keeps you hydrated longer.

It is extremely important to stay cool when the temperatures begin to rise. Summer heat invites us to the pool, but can also be dangerous. Heat stroke and dehydration are the two common heat induced illnesses. You need to be sure to take all the precautionary steps you can to stay safe!

When going out to work, be sure to have your water bottle packed and ready to go beat this Texas summer heat! By following these tips, you will be on the right path to stay safe while working under the hot sun.