America’s Most Dangerous Jobs: Safety in Sanitation

A lot of ideas may come to mind upon reading this title. I know in our industry, there are plenty of dangerous jobs. At Results Staffing, that is why we take safety so seriously. We care about our employees; so we’re here to talk about safety today.

Did you know that among Sanitation Workers per 100,000 workers, 30 are killed on duty? This doesn’t include drivers, only the guys who ride on the back of the truck. At Results Staffing, these workers are in the City of Dallas division. Sanitation Workers are very important to our community, streets, dumpsters, and large debris don’t clean themselves. What would our cities look like without these men? This job is as dangerous as it is dirty. Below are a few tips to help you make it back home safely.

  1. PPE, PPE, PPE! Wear your personal protective equipment. There is no telling what may be in the garbage you are collecting. Being attentive and wearing the correct protection can save your life.
  2. Safety glasses can help shield your eyes/face from any toxic waste, chemicals, etc.
  3. Brightly colored vests help alert people to your presence, and remind them to drive carefully while you are working on their street.
  4. Never use your cell phone or text while driving the truck, riding on the truck, or at a disposal facility.
  5. Don’t ride on the step if the truck is backing up, going forward at more than 10 mph, or farther than 1/5 of a mile.
  6. Keep all equipment clean and sanitized to protect yourself from harmful bacteria that can easily spread from waste products.
  7. If you find something that concerns you while working your route, always report it before trying to handle it yourself.
  8. Lift heavy items with your legs and never your back. If you think an item may be too heavy, ask for help instead or hurting yourself in the process.


Ashli Cooper has a background in graphic design and is new to the Marketing Department. She’s hungry to hit the ground running and help Results Staffing develop further. Ashli has a fierce passion for Results Staffing’s mission and values, and hopes to be able to share that passion with our customers and employees. Welcome to the team, Ashli!