5 Tips For Warehouse Safety

Safety is extremely important, especially in the blue-collared industry. Potential is everywhere, it’s up to you to prevent it from becoming an issue. Here’s 5 easy tips to help you stay safe while working at a warehouse!

  1. Wear the correct PPE: Wherever the job may take you, you want to ensure you’re wearing the correct PPE. Hard hats are essential for the industrial work field, always be sure to wear them because it just might save your life. Always be sure to wear the correct shoes, whether it be non-slip shoes or steel toed work boots.
  2. Make yourself visible: Always be sure to wear you reflective safety vests at all times. Being visible especially important around heavy machinery. Forklift operators need to be able to see bystanders easily to avoid any potential accidents.
  3. Keep a clear path: A clear path is essential to a warehouse atmosphere. Unnecessary obstacles pose as a serious hazard to everyone’s safety. Be sure to move objects around to clear a path for traffic.
  4. Prevent slips, trips and falls: Be sure to always clean up a spill! If you see liquid on the ground, don’t walk past it without reporting it; that little puddle could cause a serious injury!
  5. Equipment Operating: Only operate equipment if you know how to! Do not operate a forklift if you are not certified. Machinery is not a toy, be careful when operating and be mindful of those around you. Always keep your eyes peeled for bystanders, puddles, and obstacles.