5 New Trends in Construction

5 New Trends in the Construction Industry

There are always new trends coming out. Whether it’s the latest diet craze or the newest app for our smart phones. In construction industry, we have a few that are due to the economy being on the rise. Value is still on people’s minds and people are always on the lookout for a downturn. You have to be prepared enough for any obstacle in the future.

  1. Single-Design Model

Everything now is being created in-house as a one-stop shop. Paper trail methods are now streamlined with the latest new technology and it saves companies time and money. Before they would go through a development phase followed by a revision process. This has now been eliminated, essentially turning long projects into shorter projects.

  1. Materials

The way the materials are being used is also changing. It’s about moving more work into the shop rather than out in the field. Most companies use temporary labor to help increase productivity around the busier more demanding times of the year. This keeps workflow moving and also ensures that deadlines are met.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Systems that recover energy from heat wheels and occupancy sensors are becoming vital. There are many conference rooms in commercial buildings that are being left empty for long periods of time. So it is important for a sensor to be put in to change ventilation when carbon dioxide is detected.

  1. Permanent Modular Construction

This type of construction fits particularly when you are in a time crunch, like for a fast food restaurant to go up. Instead of building a huge 100,000 square foot building all at once, you can build 25,000 square feet first, and add on to it later. Modular construction is projected to be popular in most high-rise construction.

  1. Possibly…You

You are also a big part of the industry. If you are in the know with the latest trends, it is easier to be an in-demand employee. So many things are happening and changing all the time. So, it’s important to be aware of those changes at any given moment.