5 Basic Safety Tips for Construction Workers

Construction work is considered to be one of the most dangerous occupations so ensuring worker safety is vital. Heights, heavy and mobile equipment, heavy lifting, edges, deep holes and wobbling stairs are a reality in many construction and construction clean up sites regardless of how careful the contractors claim to be. Here at Results Staffing, we are vigilant about ensuring the safety and security of our day laborers and skilled laborers. Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind to protect your own safety when working in hazardous conditions:

  1. Wear Protective Apparel and Use Personal Protective Equipment

Temp agencies should provide the proper protective equipment (PPE). At Results Staffing, we make sure that our workers have the right equipment. We will usually provide all necessary PPE unless otherwise noted and we are careful to let you know if any additional equipment is needed. If you do not have the necessary equipment, resolve it with your employer and be sure that you are prepared.  Well-fitted helmets and protective eyewear are a necessity. Ear plugs or muffs should be used when working in noisy areas and protective gloves should be worn when you are around toxic chemicals or lumber. Anti-slip footwear or protective boots should always be worn especially in dusty, wet or toxic environments. Fall harnesses are very important for every construction worker. If you have been approved to work at heights through our Skilled or Final Clean Divisions, ensure your harness is sturdy and secured to a strong anchorage point. Since workers work in all types of weather, make sure to dress appropriately for bad weather with climate protective gear and clothing. Heavy machine operators should wear highly visible clothing so they can be located and seen with ease when working with heavy.

  1. Inspect Your Areas

Scaffolds are commonly used on construction sites and are linked to a high number of injuries, which is why Results Staffing does not allow employees to work on them. If you are asked to work on them, contact your branch immediately. We want to ensure your safety first. For those that become permanent employees of a construction company keep in mind that you should never work on a fragile scaffold that does not have a strong platform or base. Ladders are another essential construction site tool that carry a high potential for danger. Inspect the ladder carefully before use and make sure you are in compliance with Results Staffing’s policies on ladders for your particular division. If you find any part of it wobbly, do not use it. All of the steps of slabs of the ladder should be secured properly.  A ladder should be of proper strength and of a height that always keeps it at least one meter above the landing. The upper and lower end of the ladder should preferably be fastened or secured properly. If not, ensure someone is manually securing the ladder to prevent a fall. Heavy machine operators need to be extra careful to double check their work areas and equipment.

  1. Be Cautious with Electricity and Equipment

Construction sites typically need a lot of electrical installations. Lifting equipment mostly involves electricity and weights. When working with such equipment, heavy machine operators need to ensure there is no wear and tear in the machine and be sure to follow the listed safety precautions. If you do not know them, seek help from a site supervisor or a coworker who has experience using the equipment. If you are using plugged-in portable devices, such as grinders or drills, you should always check that the cables are protected, the metal casing is grounded and the power supply is supplied with an earth leakage circuit breaker. Never allow the electrical tools anywhere near water. Never stand or work directly below a heavy suspended load and always be sure to not exceed the permissible levels of load. You’ll need proper training before operating some equipment, especially a material hoist and crane.

  1. Keep a First Aid Kit Handy

While it is always a good idea to keep your own personal first aid kit handy while doing day labor and skilled labor, it is not always possible. Both the site supervisor and contractor should ensure that first aid is always accessible to workers. If you are missing a necessary first aid supply on the site, inform your supervisor immediately and contact your branch. Basic first aid for minor burns, cuts and falls should be available on site so that medical attention can be provided immediately. This is beneficial for the employer as well because it allows the worker to be treated and return to work as quickly as possible. Some injuries are immediately treatable which helps limit the damage and prevents the infections from spreading.

  1. Maintain Fencing and Prevent Fires

Many falls and fatal injuries happen in areas with no fencing protection. Dangerous areas that you see without fencing or with broken and damaged fencing should be avoided until they are completely repaired or a proper fencing is provided. If this is not happening in time, talk with your supervisor and branch immediately. With the machinery involved in construction along with the combustible chemicals and welding operations, there is the possibility of fire on a construction site. Remain alert and take preventative measures. Construction sites have flammable materials present so do your best to prevent open flames. All workers should also know the escape and exit routes and the location of the fire extinguisher and how to use one.

Modern society was built by construction workers. A construction worker must exercise caution at all times. Day labor and skilled labor require workers to be extra vigilant. While temp agencies can do all they can on their end, workers on the ground have to follow their own best practices to maximize their own safety.  These are some basic tips for ensuring your safety on a construction site, but is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list. Always use your best judgment and err on the side of caution. Always follow instructions during an emergency and alert your supervisor and coworkers to any unsafe conditions. Using these tips will help to prevent from accidents and injury. Results Staffing is committed to ensuring your safety. For any safety concerns, please contact Temporary Employee Relations by email at employeerelations@results-staffing.com.





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