15 Ways to Eat Your Water

It’s officially August! In most states that means the heat is winding down, but in Texas it’s our hottest month of the year. This summer we’ve been talking about things you can do when outdoors to protect yourself from the heat and sun. Something I recently learned was that what you’re putting into your body is as important as protecting it from the outside.

I always hear WATER, WATER, WATER! Is the key to staying hydrated in the sun. However, I was fascinated to find out that 20% of your daily water intake comes from solid foods like fruits and veggies! So, we’ve put together a list of 15 amazing snack foods that can help keep you safe from the effects of the heat.

  1. Cucumber (96.7% water)
  2. Iceberg Lettuce (95.6% water)
  3. Celery (95.4% water)
  4. Radishes (95.3% water)
  5. Tomatoes (94.5% water)
  6. Green Peppers (93.9% water)
  7. Cauliflower (92.1% water)
  8. Watermelon (91.5% water)
  9. Spinach (91.4% water)
  10. Star Fruit (91.4% water)
  11. Strawberries (91.0% water)
  12. Broccoli (90.7% water)
  13. Grapefruit (90.5% water)
  14. Baby Carrots (90.4% water)
  15. Cantaloupe (90.2% water)

So no matter what your taste is, you’re sure to find a great snack that is chock full of vitamins to keep you healthy, and water to keep you hydrated!


Ashli Cooper has a background in graphic design and is new to the Marketing Department. She’s hungry to hit the ground running and help Results Staffing develop further. Ashli has a fierce passion for Results Staffing’s mission and values, and hopes to be able to share that passion with our customers and employees. Welcome to the team, Ashli!